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Kobel Gartengestaltung AG Hall 1 / D20
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Natural garden care

We care for the gardens entrusted to us in a natural and gentle way. We close cycles, save resources and enhance habitats. And we are committed to the preservation and promotion of biodiversity.

Kobel Gartengestaltung AG Hall 1 / D20
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Garden design / garden planning

Do you have a garden? What a joy it is to be able to design and enjoy a garden, this piece of land. Gardens are never exclusively for utility, but also for beauty, and for many people they are a personal paradise.

Kobel Gartengestaltung AG Hall 1 / D20
Tips & Tricks

High-quality composting of green waste: A sustainable solution

The green waste from your garden is transformed into high-quality soil food at our composting plant in Uetikon. The quality compost will later help your plants to flourish again.

Kobel Gartengestaltung AG Hall 1 / D20

A tree rescue always attracts attention

Trees with a strong character, whether young or old, are close to our hearts. But sometimes they are in the wrong place or have to make way for a building project. Instead of felling these valuable trees, we dig them up and save them with our experience and many years of expertise.

Glowing Grass GmbH Hall 4 / G15
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Green Pergolas

Especially on hot days, they become oases of relaxation and cooling thanks to their green roofs. They are also perfect for extending green spaces and are true multifunctional talents.

Otto Meyer GmbH several locations

Antique building materials

The company Otto Meyer Gmbh is known for the reuse of high quality constructing material like tiles and cobblestones. Riverwacken from the Otto Meyer company - rooted in the homeland and ecolocigal.

Bioterra Schweiz Hall 4 / H22

Your Own Garden as an Enjoyable Contribution to Biodiversity

There is a global call for biodiversity, the protection and conservation of species, habitats and genetic diversity. This requires people to make decisions and take action. Your own garden proves to be the perfect lever with which a lot can be achieved.

Bioterra Schweiz Hall 4 / H22
World of flora and plants

True Strength Comes from Within - Many Reasons in Favour of Organic Plants and Seeds

Bioterra nurseries offer us a wealth of beautiful, organically cultivated and cared for plants. But what actually makes organic plants so special? And where can they be found?

Müller Naturstein AG Hall 1 / B25

In Harmony with Nature

About 20 million years ago, nature created our Bollinger Sandstone. We mine it on the upper part of Lake Zurich in harmony with nature and use it to make products for your gardens and building products. From a depth of up to 50 meters, directly to the Giardina 2024!

Fuchs & Igel GmbH Hall 2 / E30
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For sustainable urban development - cargo bikes

By using cargo bikes, we avoid unnecessary emissions and contribute to a better quality of life in Zurich. With two of us on the road, we still have a capacity of 4 m3 and can transport a payload of around 320 kg.

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