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Winkler Richard Naturgärten Hall 1 / D40
Show Garden 2023

Winkler Richard Naturgärten - Dä Max chunt au

Under the title "De Max chunnt au" Winkler Richard Naturgärten presents at this year's Giardina a place that connects man and nature, but also man and man. Moritz Schönwetter narrates.

g'plus Media partner
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Common plant tricks

Plants don't have it easy. Whiteflies, aphids, plant hoppers - there are simply too many insects that suck plant juices and thus damage their hosts. However, the plants are not helpless. They produce plant substances that the suckers do not like, or use scents to attract...

Bernhard Baumschulen AG Hall 2 / E20
World of flora and plants

For plant friends with tradition since 1869

The varied assortment of trees, deciduous and coniferous shrubs, perennials, roses and fruit, in combination with our competent advice, fulfills all wishes concerning planting of public and private outdoor spaces.

Biophilic Walls Hall 2 / J11

Plant walls from Switzerland

With respect for the environment, our plants and plant walls are produced locally in the canton of Zurich. The majority of our suppliers are Swiss companies.

Haupt Verlag AG - Verlag, Buchhandlung und Atelier 14B Hall 6 / K30
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Natürlich schön und wild umschwärmt

Das Handbuch für Blumenbeete mit ästhetischem und ökologischem Wert. Biodiversität im eigenen Garten fördern! Was gibt es Schöneres, als ein attraktives Blumenbeet zu gestalten, das auch die heimische Biodiversität unterstützt?

Bioterra Media partner
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Bioterra is the leading organization for organic and natural gardens in Switzerland and publisher of the magazine of the same name. The association with around 16,500 members is committed to organic cultivation and the natural design of gardens and green spaces.

Biophilic Walls Hall 2 / J11

A tailor made offer

Whether you need plants for indoors or outdoors, with or without sun, small or large, we can design the perfect arrangement. We require no minimum duration, no initial investment and allow cancelation anytime.

Sager Gartengalerie AG Hall 3 / F30

Therapeutic activities with raised beds

Garden therapy offers an enriching supplement to the day care in your retirement or nursing home. Sager Gartengalerie AG is the only Swiss company to offer age-appropriate raised beds of high quality.

Herbarella Magazin Hall 2 / H05
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Garden Passion Scotland

Scotland is a land of gardens. Experimental designs like Jupiter Artland, perennial gardens like Cambo Gardens or collections of exotic plants - the variety of Scottish gardens seems almost immeasurable. Herbarella "Scotland" is available at

RICOTER Schweizer Erde Hall 1 / C10
Highlight 2023

A home for wild bees

2/3 of all wild bees nest in the ground. So that they too can find a home, we have developed RICOTER Wild Bee Sand with Wild Bee and Partner. Doing something for biodiversity has rarely been easier.

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