Herbarella Magazin

Herbarella Magazin

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Herbarella: The Swiss magazine for garden culture, travel, cuisine and lifestyle. Since 2007, emotional photo spreads, reports, travel and cultural tips provide inspiration for Switzerland and Europe.. Our readers say: "Your magazine is a feast for the eyes, a joy for the soul".


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Tuscany, the Heart of Switzerland, Scotland, Périgord, Provence, Venice, Brittany, Liguria, Appenzellerland, Ireland, Piedmont, Belgium, Vorarlberg, Grisons and many, many more ...

Since 2007, the two Herbarella founders and magazine makers Simone Quast and Gianni Bombèn have been focusing on the most beautiful garden regions in Switzerland and Europe.

Every 3 months, i.e. four times a year, a magazine is published about an exciting garden region - which you might not even know as such. Like Aargau, for example - or the Basel region. Herbarella's magazines about Switzerland alone now almost fill a shelf.

On their joint production trips, magazine makers Simone Quast and Gianni Bombèn personally test every garden, every single accommodation and every restaurant. Even if they have to kiss a lot of frogs in the process - and only the best addresses make it into the magazine at all. Their interviews with the owners of the most beautiful and exciting gardens form the basis for Herbarella.