Reading Suggestion Giardina 2023

Garden Passion Scotland

Scotland is a land of gardens. Experimental designs like Jupiter Artland, perennial gardens like Cambo Gardens or collections of exotic plants - the variety of Scottish gardens seems almost immeasurable. Herbarella "Scotland" is available at

Scotland: Although the northernmost part of the United Kingdom lies on the same latitude as southern Canada or Siberia - the Gulf Stream, which flows past the west coast, makes the climate much milder than its geographical location would suggest.

Among the oldest garden forms in Scotland are the walled gardens of the country estates. They protected vegetables and fruit from game, marauding gangs and strong coastal winds. Their walls could even be heated, making them ideal for espaliered fruit. 

Scottish gardeners always have plenty to do: The mild climate near the coast, the long growing season and the high humidity mean that beds and ribbons of flowers virtually overflow with lushness. But this is not seen as work for them, but as living happiness. You learn this and much more about the Scots when you discover their country through their gardens. Here, the journey leads into garden landscapes that are as diverse as if the wind were leafing through a picture book.

We wish you beautiful discoveries. Simone Quast and Gianni Bombèn.