Service Giardina 2023

Organic seedlings directly delivered to your home

Can you hear it already? The soft rustling under the earth? We do. Because we are busy luring our young plants out of the ground. We give them lots of love so that they can grow big and strong in your home. Pre-order now.

Your favourite seedlings delivered directly to your doorstep

For many years now, you have been able to pre-order your favourite organic seedlings at From fruiting vegetables to leafy and cabbage vegetables, herbs, flowers and strawberries: Our organic seedlings are all grown in peat-free soil. You can also choose more specialised seedlings such as artichokes or potato tubers. When they are big enough to be shipped, they are packed with love and then sent to your home.

Great news: With the start of the gardening year 2023, we have not only added new seedlings to our range. Our online shop also has a new look. Fresh, crisp and with a lot of attention to detail - just like our organic seedlings. (1.3 MB)

Our organic seedlings are almost ready to go. Are you too?

Whether in our online shop or in our three stores, you can now pre-order your favourite seedlings. Delivery via will start at the beginning of May. In the stores, the sale of seedlings will start gradually from April - depending on weather conditions and what is already ready.

We have planted out our little darlings so that they will be ready in time for the "Eisheiligen". This has the advantage that we don't have to heat the greenhouses additionally. This is good for the environment and for the wallet. But they all have one thing in common: we give them lots of love and attention so that they can grow big and strong in your garden or on your balcony. 

Pre-order now 

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