Highlight 2023 Giardina 2023

Space capsule, work of art, beach chair?

The Sunball has always been different. Strikingly different. Round on the outs. In the Sunball you can sit, lie down, relax. You can look at it from the outside. Enjoy its design and its value. Have your head turned.

Always following the sun.

The sphere is enthroned on a foot and can be rotated 360 degrees. By two movable shells, which grip over each other, the shade can be locked in any position.

The Sunball has always been manufactured exclusively in Germany. In devoted manual labor.

Each one is unique, precisely tailored to its owner.

Its materials are high-quality materials - uncompromisingly selected. The saddler makes the interior from upholstery fabrics for the deck area of yachts. Like a ship's hull, its outer skin is laminated by hand from GRP. The stainless steel and aluminum details are made from the full material.