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The art of watering your plants

Wepot specializes in watering of "ollas", a millennia-old system that allows plants to provide themselves with water while saving up to 70% water. We have developed different forms of ollas to meet all needs.

"Having an environmental impact in the world".

Wepot, bringing back to life an irrigation system called "Olla" (ceramic jar) that dates back thousands of years. It was born on the school desks of the University of Lausanne, where its founders discovered the importance of water and sustainable agriculture. Since its inception, Wepot's mission has been to help gardeners and farmers grow their crops in a sustainable way while reducing their water consumption.

The irrigation system called "Olla"

Ollas are very easy to use. Whether you have small houseplants or a large garden, there is sure to be a model that suits your needs. All you have to do is plant the olla near your plants, fill it with water and let nature do its work. Through capillarity, the water distributes naturally and slowly according to the needs of the plants. The roots of these soak up the water they need and gradually surround themselves with the olla. This method of irrigation is considered one of the most effective in the world, allowing a saving of up to 70% of water, an autonomy of up to 10 days and an improvement in plant growth.

Promising scientific research

Since its inception, Wepot has aimed to enhance the technology of ollas through collaboration with biology experts. This constantly evolving research approach has allowed Wepot to demonstrate the effectiveness of its ollas: they withstand frost, increase the productivity of vegetable gardens by up to 2 times compared to conventional irrigation systems, and contribute to CO2 absorption. Wepot is proud to offer sustainable and effective irrigation solutions for gardeners and farmers.

On the left, a sprinkler irrigation. On the right, irrigation by ollas.

a. A root system developed by sprinkler irrigation

b. A root system developed by ollas

Characteristics of Wepot-Ollas

A company with social impact, locally based and based on a circular economy.

Wepot is committed to the environment and sustainability by adopting an approach that has social impact, is local and is based on a circular economy. The company works with sheltered workshops for part of its production, giving people in vulnerable situations a chance to integrate into the labor market

All of Wepot's production is located in Switzerland, which guarantees high quality and a reduced environmental impact while supporting the local economy. Wepot is also proud to carry the "Swissmade" label, which stands for Swiss quality and know-how.

In addition, Wepot is also awarded the Solarimpulse label, a unique award in Switzerland for companies that use environmentally friendly and sustainable practices.

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