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Garden design, planning, execution and maintenance of special gardens.

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Natural garden care

We care for the gardens entrusted to us in a natural and gentle way. We close cycles, save resources and enhance habitats. And we are committed to the preservation and promotion of biodiversity.

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Application example

Garden design / garden planning

Do you have a garden? What a joy it is to be able to design and enjoy a garden, this piece of land. Gardens are never exclusively for utility, but also for beauty, and for many people they are a personal paradise.

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Natural bathing: Biopools, swimming ponds and bathing fountains - your personal water paradise

We plan and build individual swimming ponds and biopools in accordance with current standards and quality requirements. You can leave the subsequent maintenance work in our expert hands. As a member of the Swiss Swimming Pond Association, not only do we benefit, but you do too.

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Tips & Tricks

High-quality composting of green waste: A sustainable solution

The green waste from your garden is transformed into high-quality soil food at our composting plant in Uetikon. The quality compost will later help your plants to flourish again.

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A tree rescue always attracts attention

Trees with a strong character, whether young or old, are close to our hearts. But sometimes they are in the wrong place or have to make way for a building project. Instead of felling these valuable trees, we dig them up and save them with our experience and many years of expertise.

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About us

1991 Company foundation

Hansueli Kobel founded his gardening company in 1991 with two or three marginalized people from the former drug scene in Zurich, the Platzspitz. Responsibility towards socially disadvantaged young people has always been an important concern for us.

With few, simple means but all the more motivation, the young company cultivated the first customer gardens. The company site in Männedorf consisted of a cupboard in the garden for storing tools. The shredding service was an important pillar right from the start. 

After a year, the first gardener was hired. "That was the most difficult decision in the company's entire history," says Hansueli Kobel today.

The workforce doubled from one day to the next.