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Natural garden care

We care for the gardens entrusted to us in a natural and gentle way. We close cycles, save resources and enhance habitats. And we are committed to the preservation and promotion of biodiversity.

Near-natural areas in our settlements can give us more than trimmed uniform and embarrassing greenery. To equate them with uncontrollable overgrowth would be wrong. Thanks to careful design and short maintenance intervals in the first two or three years, a beautiful and diversely structured plant structure can be created that is permanent and in the long term does not require than a garden with a lawn and thuja hedge.  

Visit the award-winning natural show garden on the grounds of Kobel
Gartengestaltung AG in Uetikon and experience ...

  • a mini-landscape with 7 habitats
  • rare native plant species
  • how niches for small animals can be combined with aesthetic design ideas. With a bit of luck, some animals will also be visible
  • wild bee biotope
  • the amazing comfort of a branch loun